God Made KinderMusic Video School Samples



Lesson 1 Video Trailer

Everyone gather around for an exciting day at the God Made Kindermusic Zoo. Mr. Z (the Zookeeper), Gerald the Giraffe, and Sally Squirrel are going to share how music can describe different animals. Based on page 2 of the God Made Kindermusic workbook.


Lesson 7 Video Trailer

Princess Patty Peacock invites everyone to her Palatial Palace for a trumpet concert. Get ready to learn all about the trumpet and play along with the Palace Trumpeters on the Palace Parade Grounds. Based on page 8 of the God Made Kindermusic workbook.


Lesson 9 Video Trailer

Surprise! There’s a turtle race at the race track today! That sounds surprising because turtles move so slowly. Another surprise is that the “walk” note and the “slowly” note have other musical names: the quarter note and the half note. And a third surprise is when Dash the Dash-Hound joins in the fun and finds Mr. Z’s lost dog, Diggy. Based on page 10 of the God Made Kindermusic workbook.


Lesson 10 Video Trailer

While the God Made Kindermusic Zoo is closed for repairs, the Kinderkids take a bus ride to the God Made Kindermusic Music Store to learn about rhythm instruments and how to play them. Based on page 11 of the God Made Kindermusic workbook.


Lesson 12 Video Trailer

This Christmas-themed lesson takes the Kinderkids for a visit to the Penguin Exhibit. The icy landscape and the snow-covered mountains set the scene for the story of The Nutcracker Suite. Kinderkids learn about the great composer, Peter Tchaikovsky. They also learn that the letter “p” is used by musicians to indicate when music should be played softly. Based on page 12 of the God Made Kindermusic workbook.


Lesson 15 Video Trailer

The fast animals are safely back in their exhibits, but the slower escaped animals need to be returned to their exhibits too! Eddie Elephant and the green turtle are easier to round up, and slow music is used to coax them home. Kinderkids also have a sing-along time with some fast and slow music.


Lesson 19 Video Trailer

A strolling violinist at the God Made Kindermusic Zoo raises the Kinderkids' curiosity about the violin. Mr. Z, with the help of Sally Squirrel and Gerald Giraffe, shares some interesting facts with the Kinderkids about this amazing instrument. Lovely violin music is playing continuously throughout the entire lesson to train the Kinderkids' musical ears to hear the many sounds it can make. The Kinderkids get a chance to sing the violin verse of "We Are Fine Musicians" as they play on their "pretend" violins. The happy day ends with a lively solo from the strolling violinist.


Lesson 20 Video Trailer

Join our musical friends as they lead us through the list of songs we have learned so far in our music time together. Get your rhythm instruments and Gerald Jr. puppets ready for a great song review sprinkled with fun!


Lesson 33 Video Trailer

Join Mr. Z and all the God Made Kindermusic characters as they review all the instruments studied this year. In order to do that, Mr. Z gets everyone involved in a hunt to find the instruments first. All but the piano are missing! Everyone sets out in search of the missing instruments, which they find in all kinds of strange places! The day ends with a song about bedtime. That makes everyone sleepy enough to call an end to a fun-filled and adventurous instrument review.


Lesson 34 Video Trailer

Anchors aweigh, Kindermaties! Join Captain Z, Gerald Giraffe, Sally Squirrel, Princess Patty Peacock, and Dash the Dash-hound for a song review on a ship. Keep your life preserver circles handy while we sail and sing. At the end of our sing-along, there is a big reveal of the people who used their voices to bring to life all the fun characters you’ve heard this year. Thank you for joining us on our Kindermusic adventures. And don’t forget to be thankful for all the music God has given us to enjoy and to praise Him!