God Made Music - Grade 1 Video School





Lala the Ladybird says, “Welcome to our Video School!”

  • 34 videos that teach the God Made Music – Grade 1 curriculum

  • Perfect for classroom use or for homeschoolers

  • Videos match the teacher’s manual and student workbooks


Mr. Pig says, “You’ll enjoy these quality videos!”


  • Produced by professionals in the audio/video field

  • Taught by our special “teaching staff”

  • Students will use their own printed workbooks for these lessons

  • The answers for each workbook page will appear on the screen





Clarice the Calico Cat says, ”Seeing Is Believing!”


  • Watch 8 video trailers of our most popular lessons

  • All of the musical selections are on the video

  • No need to purchase separate recordings



Sheriff Soft says, "I'm so glad that you can meet my friends!"


  • I really enjoy working with my friends, Lala, Mr. Pig, and Clarice as we teach boys and girls about music

  • Join now, and you can get to know them too